Online Classes

New in Spring 2020 – Live Classes via Zoom!

Due to the cancellation of in-person classes as a response to COVID-19, we are embarking on the adventure of live online classes.

Donations Encouraged

As these are early days of this experiment, I am aiming to keep things as simple as possible. There will be no advance registration. Payment will be by donation through PayPal or mailed check. Suggested donation is $10 per class or $20 per week for unlimited classes.

Please DO NOT donate an amount that is stressful for you. If you are facing financial challenges as a result of COVID-19 closures, donate an amount that is comfortable for you or just come without paying anything.

Funds can be transferred via PayPal to this email address: kim  at  optimizedmovement  dot com

Checks can be mailed to:

Kim Thompson

PO Box 2641

Gaithersburg, MD  20886


Come Early

“Doors will open” 30 minutes before each scheduled start time. This means you can log in early enough to deal with technological fumbles (highly recommended if you are new to Zoom). If you do have troubles, there’s not much I can do for you. You’ll need to sort out speakers, camera, and microphone on your end. There is a dial-in option for phones. I think this will allow you to speak and listen, but not see or be seen.

Classes will start on time. I recommend you log in a few minutes in advance so that you are settled when we begin.

Let’s Talk

You are encouraged to come early for a little  conversation. A small group of us have tried some group chats on Zoom just to test it out and it’s a surprisingly satisfying antidote to the isolation of quarantine.

You are also encouraged to drop by during the half hour before any class (whether you stay for the class or not) for a little conversation. If you are working alone from home, you can consider 10-20 minutes of this as a conversation in the break room to cheer you on in your work day. Click on the class time below for login details, contribute to the conversation, then stay or sign out if you have a project to finish.

These conversations are intended to be light and friendly. Please do not discuss politics, your fears about the end of the world, etc. If you are experiencing an immediate need, let us know and we’ll see if we can help you connect to resources. However, we would like to stay out of Flight, Fight and Freeze as much as possible. These are intended to be a reset into Social Engagement.

For complete log-in and dial-in information, go to the Calendar page and click on the entry of the event you would like to attend.


May 4 – 30

In an effort to simplify, starting in May, ALL daytime classes have the same log-in and ALL evening classes have the same log-in:

Daytime Classes in May:

Evening Classes in May:


6:00pm  Yoga Challenge

7:30pm  Gentle Yoga for Neck & Shoulder Tension


10:00am  Yoga Challenge

12 noon  Yoga: Adaptive Chair Poses



10:00am  Yoga Challenge

12 noon  Gentle Yoga for Back Pain

6:00pm  Yoga Challenge

7:30pm  Gentle Yoga for Back Pain


For complete log-in and dial-in information, go to the Calendar page and click on the entry of the event you would like to attend.

Let the adventure continue!