Classes: Winter Session 2018

These classes are part of the Parks, Recreation and Culture Department of the City of Gaithersburg. As you will see below, there is a slightly lower fee for participants who are residents of the City of Gaithersburg and an even lower fee for seniors who are residents. Non-residents of all ages pay the non-resident fee.

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Weekly Classes


8 weeks: January 8 – March 12     skip: Jan 15, Feb 26

48566    5:30-6:45pm  Yoga Challenge for Real Bodies*
48569     6:45-7:45pm  Yoga: Gentle Explorations
48571    7:45-9:00pm  Yoga for Real Bodies*

60-minute YGE:  $72 Residents,  $79 Non-Residents,  $48 Senior Residents
* 75-Minute Yoga classes:   $91 Residents,  $98 Non-Residents, $60 Senior Residents


9 weeks: January 9 – March 13     skip: Feb 27

48568      9:00am   Yoga Challenge for Real Bodies
48574     10:00am   Work Smart Strength Training
48576     11:00am   Adaptive Yoga: Chair Poses

$81 Residents,  $88 Non-Residents,  $54 Senior Residents


9 weeks: January 11 – March 15     skip: Feb 22

48572      9:00am   Yoga for Real Bodies
48570    10:00am    Yoga: Gentle Explorations
48575     11:00am   Adaptive Yoga: Floor Poses

48567     5:30-6:45pm  Yoga Challenge for Real Bodies*
48577    6:45-7:45pm  Yoga for Back Pain
48573     7:45-9:00pm  Yoga for Real Bodies*

60-minute class:  $81 Residents,  $88 Non-Residents,  $54 Senior Residents
*75-minute class:      $102 Residents,  $109 Non-Residents, $68 Senior Residents

Evening  Classes meet at:
The Benjamin Gaither Center
(formerly known as the Senior Center)

80-A Bureau Drive
Gaithersburg, MD 20878

Morning Classes meet at:
Activity Center at Bohrer Park
506 S. Frederick Avenue
Gaithersburg, MD 20877

Registration is open.

To register online, you will need an account. Click here to create an account.
Click here to register. Use the class code numbers provided above to expedite your registration.

Movement sequences in my classes are designed to meet you where you are when you walk through the door. With good alignment in mind, I guide you on a movement exploration to become more comfortable, overcome physical frustrations, and leave feeling better.

A typical class starts with a brief check-in — with me listening to students and then students listening to their own bodies. We go directly to a structured exploration: movement sequences designed to increase strength, flexibility and balance.

Participants in my classes are like me: frustrated by daily aches and pains, tired of having to say no to invitations that involve physical activity because you’re not sure you’re up to it. When investing in a class, you want practical information that is presented clearly so you leave with skills you can implement right away in daily life.