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Joyful Conduct

Joyful Conductor

You may have already seen this delightful YouTube video — a three-year old boy “conducting” a recording of Beethoven’s 5th Symphony. He’s so alive and joyful. Fully present. His whole self connected to the music.

The Pulse Test: Book Review


Here’s a gem to add to your collection of tools for health. The author, Arthur Coca, MD, claims to have successfully treated the following symptoms as allergic: fatigue, high blood pressure, migraines, joint pain, sinusitis, skin eruptions, dizziness, heartburn, diabetes, depression, overweight, underweight, constipation, colitis, epilepsy and irritability.

How can this be?

Open Hand: my favorite mudra

Mudras are positions or gestures of the hands. In Yoga and various meditation traditions, mudras are used to settle the mind and calm the emotions. You may have seen statues of the Buddha or Asian deities with hands in very deliberate shapes. To the best of my knowledge, what I am going to share with you here is not a classical, traditional mudra. (If you know it and know a traditional name for it, please tell us in a comment.) I think of it as “Open Hand.”

Try this: Don’t move your hands. Pause for a moment to observe them.

Are your fingers curled or straight? Are the palms of your hands closed or open? Where are your thumbs in relation to your fingers?