Kim Thompson 922

A minor vehicle accident in 1991 left me with ten years of low back and neck pain. I made the rounds of medical professionals, but I still hurt. When a few months of regular Yoga classes in 2001 took me out of that pain, I got very interested, headed off to Yoga teacher training, and began teaching full time right away.

I enjoyed teaching Yoga, I had some pretty impressive poses, and I was out of that back and neck pain. However, I still experienced pain in my knee when I walked further than my car to the yoga studio, my back tired quickly when I washed dishes, and my right shoulder complained a lot when I was using my computer. How could this be?

I began to immerse myself in different movement modalities (see training page). I soon realized that chasing the ideal, that is, focusing on external images of perfect Yoga poses and trying harder to copy them was no longer helping me to move forward.

It was time to work with the body I had.

Time to unhook from some of my own quirky habits and try out some new ways of being and moving in the world.

The results were amazing. The pains that had been nagging me finally disappeared. What’s more, I felt incredible ease and mastery in my body for the very first time.

The way I work was forever changed. No more working from the outside in, straining during practice to achieve picture perfect poses. In my current classes, we guide our bodies into alignments that release restrictions and encourage deep relaxation in the moment. This allows for the natural evolvement of gorgeous, strengthening, elongated poses that feel doable and delicious!

Whether you’re coming to see me for a private session or attending one of my workshops or classes: Come as you are. Bring the body you have. Feel welcome and a sense of belonging in class. No matter your size or your limitations due to illness, injury or aging, you’ll make the perfect next move for the body you’re in.

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